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Registration GSO working group 2nd - 5th June 2019

Station biologique de Roscoff

About the GSO

The GSO was established, following the G8 Science Ministers' meeting held in June 2008, to explore international cooperation on Global Research Infrastructures. The GSO has been active since 2011, and has developed a framework for the establishment of Global Research Infrastructures (GRI) good practice. This framework was approved by the G7 Science Ministers' meeting in 2013. The GSO has evaluated various GRI case studies in the context of this Framework and further refined the latest international good practices around relevant policy areas.

The 13th Meeting of the Group of Senior Officials on Global Research Infrastructures

The 13th Meeting of the GSO will be hosted by France. The meeting will take place in Roscoff at Roscoff Marine Station from the 2nd - 5th June 2019, with a visit on the 4th June 2019 of Plouzané research centers at the IFREMER campus (French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea) notably ARGO, CONCORDIA  and the French Oceanographic Fleet.

This meeting is organised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, with the support of the Roscoff Marine Station and the World Marine Campus. It is by invitation only and is limited to Senior Officials, the European Commission secretariat, invited experts and support staff. OECD is invited as observer. The working language of the meeting will be English. Senior Officials are welcome to bring an interpreter if required; an additional registration page should also be completed.


For the GSO meeting the Gulfstream hotel (CNRS residence) which belongs to the Roscoff Biological Station has been reserved (single room - 60,50 euros/night (breackfast included) ;  double room - 77 euros/night (breackfast included)
IF YOU WANT TO BOOK IN GULFSTREAM HOTEL, please send an email to :
IF NOT, a list of hotels is available below:
- Hotel aux Tamaris
49 rue Edouard Corbière 29680 Roscoff + 33 2 98 61 22 99 -

- Hotel Le temps de vivre
19 place Lacaze Duthiers 29680 Roscoff +33 2 98 19 33 19

- Hôtel Ibis Roscoff Bord de Mer
17 place Lacaze Duthiers 29680 ROSCOFF +33 2 98 61 22 61 -


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The Roscoff Biological Station

Presentation of the Roscoff Biological Station - CNRS - Sorbonne University

Date of creation: 1872 by Henri de Lacaze-Duthiers professor at the Sorbonne

Number of employees: 300 researchers, teacher-researchers, engineers, technicians.

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Leaflet (presentation of the Roscoff Biological Station)




The Roscoff Biological Station (SBR) is a center for research and teaching in marine biology and ecology located on the north coast of Brittany. The SBR depends on Sorbonne University and the National Center for Scientific Research.

salle de conférence - Roscoff

The conference center of the Biological Station is accessible:

  • by train, from Paris to Roscoff station (a connection is made in Morlaix station by train or SNCF bus). Allow 4h30. The train station is located 10 minutes by walk from the SBR. You have 50 minutes taxi to Roscoff.
  •  by plane, Brest Guipavas airport. Flight time: 1h15 and 40 minutes taxi to Roscoff.


In order to organize your venue, a taxi will pick you at your arrival place.


The conference center is composed of: a conference room (2nd floor of the Yves Delage building) with a capacity of 120 seats, as well as meeting rooms located in the Hôtel de France building, the largest of which maximum capacity of 45 people. These rooms are equipped with video projector, computer, table ...


The logistics technician are on site at the beginning of the session, and remains available throughout the event to resolve any technical problems or respond to any others.

Access plan
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hotel and locale

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