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Registration Open science working group 18th-19th June 2019

G7 Open Science Working Group (OSWG)

Within the G7 ministerial framework, a specific Open Science configuration has been established by the G7 in 2016 in Tokyo to share expertise, exchange best practices and develop synergies on Open Science paradigms in G7 members and beyond. The OSWG is jointly chaired by the European Commission and Japan. In November 2016, the OSWG met in Tokyo and discussed three action points fundamental to realize the transition to Open Science: (i) working towards a common vision; (ii) the adaptation of the incentive and reward systems; and, (iii) the development of research data infrastructure .


In 2017 in Turin, the OSWG developed recommendations for two aspects of Open Science, namely incentives for openness of the research ecosystem and infrastructures and standards for optimal use of research data.

As mandated by the G7 Science Ministers in Turin 2017 and in preparation for the G7 Science Sherpa meeting in October 2018, the OSWG chairs drafted in 2018 a questionnaire for the OSWG Follow-up Survey. G7 members and the European Commission responded to the Survey on their respective national policies and programs to promote Open Science, including examples of: incentives and rewards for researchers to promote Open Science; cases, developments, and/or approaches of infrastructure; and, standards for an optimal use of research data.


As an outcome of the recommendations of the 2018 G7 Science Sherpa meeting in Banff, Canada, the OSWG will start in 2019 with a new focus identified as "Enhancing Policies and Initiatives for Global Open Science Environment" on the two Open Science pillars i.e.  "Public Access" and "Infrastructure".


For the first pillar "Public Access" (i.e. policies and grass-roots incentives for researchers and public research funding organizations to adopt Open Science principles and practices for sharing and public access), the G7 will engage in deeper discussions on proper incentives/reward systems for researchers, with open and transparent research indicators, and on the evaluation of good practices based on metrics.


For the second pillar "Infrastructure" (i.e. practices and development of various kinds of infrastructure for optimal use of research data), G7 will share policies and examples of Open Science infrastructures particularly including emerging cloud-based initiatives.


The workshop on 18 and 19 June, which will be held in Paris at the Ministry in charge of research, will have two different configurations:


On 18 June, the workshop will be open for the OSWG membership to (i) summarise the activities carried out by the group (particularly the findings of the 2018 OSWG follow-up survey) and (ii) to share good practices, policy/incentives and initiatives, and examples of Open Science infrastructure including cloud-based initiatives of G7 members, and to identify the ways forward to encourage and accelerate efforts for global Open Science.


On 19 June, the OSWG will be open for lively discussion with a wider audience in participative and prospective sessions with invited international experts.

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