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Registration Scientific advice coopération on microplastics pollution roundtable « Microplastics in the Environment : Biomonitoring issues and socio-ecological challenges for public decision »

Tuesday, 15th October, Ministry of Research and Innovation, Paris, France


France wishes to join the momentum initiated by Canada and the EC in Washington, by organizing a workshop bringing together scientists and political decision-makers to exchange and debate on certain issues of environmental management of micro-plastics. This proposal was assessed at the G7 Environment meeting in May 2019, chaired by France, in the following terms:

" We welcome the French offer to host, under its G7 Presidency, a scientific workshop dedicated to the standardization of microplastics monitoring, including biomonitoring, and the potential contribution of behavioral sciences to designing strategies to reduce demand for single-use plastic products."

The roundtable will be organised back to back with two scientific workshops focused on biomonitoring issues and on socio-ecological challenges, both in relation with public decision. During the roundtable, the delegations will share the scientific proposals built up during the workshops and exchange information about the status of biomonitoring, the research gaps they wish to fill and the socio-ecological challenges they face in their own countries. A co-chair's summary will be discussed and issued thereafter.


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