Actualité stratégie nationale de recherche et d'innovation

National Research and Innovation Strategy : general report

General raport
Rapport S.N.R.I 2010

At the dawn of the 21st century, our society faces new and urgent challenges. Research and innovation represent the first steps to be undertaken to come out of the current economic downturn. Tougher competition and the arrival of new world players leave us with no other alternative but toinvest in the future through the development of research and innovation.

Rapport - 1ère publication : 19.10.2010 - Mise à jour : 28.07.2014


  • Introduction
  • For a competitive research and innovation system
  • Health, care, nutrition and biotechnology
  • Environmental urgency and eco‐technology
  • Information, communication and nanotechnology

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1ère publication : 19.10.2010 - Mise à jour : 28.07.2014
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