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Discours de Geneviève Fioraso lors de l'ouverture du Conseil ministériel d'ITER

Conseil ministériel Iter

L'ouverture du Conseil ministériel d'ITER s'est déroulée le 6 septembre 2013 sur le site de Cadarache. Lors de son discours, la ministre est revenue sur l'un des objectifs du projet ITER : développer une énergie durable pour les futures générations.

Discours - 1ère publication : 6.09.2013 - Mise à jour : 10.09.2013
Geneviève Fioraso

Seul le prononcé fait foi.

It is a great pleasure for me to give this short welcome address, as host state invited by Commissioner Günther Oettinger, for the ITER Council Ministerial Meeting.

I would like first, to warmly welcome you here in Cadarache and in France. It is an honour for France to host this important Ministerial Meeting, seven years after the formal kick-off of ITER project.

It is a crucial occasion to exchange about the status of progress of the ITER project and share our common political commitment to its success. It is also an adequate "window" to increase the visibility of the project and fusion in the current international energy context, including debates about energy transition.

I would like to thank Commissioner Oettinger for this initiative and Director General Osamu Motojima for organising the ministerial meeting in a very close and efficient interaction with the Commission and French authorities as host Country of this event.

For France, ITER represents a unique and outstanding project, the broadest international cooperation for research ever implemented. It addresses key societal challenges to develop a sustainable energy for the future generations.

France is honored to host such an exceptional research infrastructure that will tackle scientific feasibility for fusion and technological challenges, in the frame of a high level international project. France is fully committed to make ITER a success in cooperation with all the ITER Parties.

At the "G 8 Science" I attended last June with my colleagues, we all agreed on the importance of dealing in a comprehensive approach all together "Global research infrastructures", Big data and Great challenges for "global response" to "global challenges". ITER is a perfect illustration of the global approach to be achieved.

First, we need to have in mind that ITER is surely one of the most complex scientific and technological projects in the world today. But it is also surely the most enthusiastic one: it is both a human and a scientific adventure !

The entire world is looking for a new energy mix for a sustainable society. The view widely shared today recognises that the world demographic and economic growth means to face huge environmental challenges.

How to meet the growing energy needs while minimizing the impact of industrial activity in terms of resource exploitation, of greenhouse gas emissions and waste? We urgently need to move from an energy model based on fossil energies toward a new model where carbon-free energies will take the relay.

Fusion technology could be one of the future candidates for such energy. But we all know that we are still far away from that goal!

We need to progress step by step and ITER project is surely the adequate way to achieve that! In this context, I would like to point out some key points.

The EU played a crucial role in ITER construction. In fact, she is the major contributor by funding around 45% of the cost of construction. I am very pleased that ITER budget is now being part of the 2014-2020 M.F.F. (multiannual financial framework): this is a real success and a clear signal of EU commitment and support to ITER.

For such a complex project, including intensive worldwide cooperation and wide range of cutting-edge technologies, managing risk project and mastering cost and schedule are critical points to achieve.

Besides its contribution as EU member state, France as host state has also specific responsibilities : decree authorising the installation of the ITER nuclear facility, ITER site avaibility, ITER headquarters (inaugurated on Thursday 17 January 2013), Welcome Office, road adaptation, grid connection...

I am pleased to announce today, that France achieved all commitments, in time and in schedule. It’s for me the best signal France can provide to demonstrate its strong support and involvement in this project.

I would like to conclude, with the words of Henry Ford, which seem to fit well to the collective ambition that inspire us : "Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”! So let’s be successful together!"

Thank you very much for your attention !

I wish you a productive meeting and have a nice stay in France !

1ère publication : 6.09.2013 - Mise à jour : 10.09.2013
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