Higher education and research - Moving towards gender equality ? Key figures

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Gender equality has been a core principle of the European project since 1957. Championed both by European institutions and all Member States, gender equality has been enshrined in cross-cutting public policies and special measures to promote the emancipation, independence and freedom of women. This 9th European conference on gender equality in higher education and research provides a special opportunity to advance in this direction. This is why the Minister for Naitonal Education, Higher Education and Rearch wished to provide with a compilation of key figures regarding equality between the sexes in the field of higher education and research. The 35 key figures herein illustrate the situation concerning gender equality in EU countries in light of recent statistical data on students, graduates, staff (research professors, researchers, support staff, etc.) and on higher education and research governance bodies.


  • Indicators for the European Union and various OECD member countries
  • Indictators on students in higher education
  • Indicators on personnel in higher education under the supervision of the Minister for Naitonal Education, Higher Education and Rearch
  • Indicators on public and private R&D  establishments
  • Indicators on the governance of the bodies of higher education and research
  • Others Indicators

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