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National plan for open science

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Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche


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Open science is the practice of making research publications and data freely available. It takes advantage of the digital transition to develop open access to publications and, to the fullest extent possible, to research data.

Open science seeks to create an ecosystem in which scientific research is more cumulative, better supported by data and more transparent with faster and more universal access to results.

Open science makes knowledge accessible to all, which is useful for research, education, the economy and society.

Open science aims to bring research financed by public funding out of the confines of databases with restricted access. It reduces duplication in gathering, creating, sharing and reusing scientific material and thus improves research efficiency.

Open science also drives scientific progress – especially unexpected breakthroughs – as well as innovation and economic and social progress in France, other industrialised countries and developing countries alike.

Finally, open science fosters scientific integrity and people’s trust in science. It is an advance for both science and society.

With this National Plan, France is adopting an ambitious Open Science policy that aligns with international commitments it has made for the Open Government Partnership (OGP), an initiative that brings together over 70 countries with a view to enhancing transparency in government.

This National Plan also addresses the ambition for Europe laid out in the Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science. France is adopting a policy to extend and broaden the European Union’s efforts in this area.


  • First commitment : generalise open access to publications
  • Second commitment : structure research data and make it available through open access
  • Third commitment : be part of a sustainable european and international open science dynamic


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Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche

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