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GROW Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide Program - France

With the Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) Program, N.S.F. Graduate Fellows can benefit from partnerships developed by N.S.F. with partner organizations in other countries (the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research for GROW France) to develop international research collaborations.

France welcomes N.S.F. PhD candidates!

Following the last joint Committee of Science and Technology between France and the United States (October 2012), N.S.F. and M.E.S.R.I. decided to launch the GROW France program. The program allows PhD candidates funded by N.S.F. to cooperate with French research teams during a stay from three to twelve months in France.

The main features of the program are:

  •  Funding by N.S.F. to cover the installation and the travel costs of  the candidate $ 5,000 (flat rate regardless of the length of stay)
  • Funding by the French host institution for living expenses and research activities of the candidate between  € 400 and € 1,700 per month to be determined by the PhD candidate and the host. Part of this funding may be in kind.

N.S.F. candidates: Prepare your application

How to find your host institution in France?

Graduate Research Fellows shall contact in advance potential host teams. A list of French institutions/laboratories that expressed their interest in hosting a N.S.F. PhD candidate is maintained by M.E.S.R.I. (non exhaustive list):


For a wider landscape you may consult the website of the research alliances to identify potential host institutions:

When you potentially identify the research organisation, you can consult its website. All French public research organisations are registered here:

Important : Before the submission, the eligibility of the French host institution has to be approved by the M.E.S.R.I.
Contact Grow France

Prepare your application with the host

When preparing your application, it is important to contact the French institution in order to get a letter of support. In addition, the host institution will have to prepare the financial support of your stay. To do so, please give all the information (your N.S.F. statute, dates...) to the French institution.

The host institution may cover:

  • Your living expenses that may be in kind.
  • Your research activities

A contribution from the French institution (funding or in kind) is mandatory.
The French contribution should range between € 400/month to € 1,700/month. Practical modalities will be written in a letter of commitment to be reviewed by M.E.S.R.I.

Before the submission, you and the French institution have to contact the M.E.S.R.I. in order to approve the eligibility of the French Laboratory 
Contact Grow France

You shall submit your application to N.S.F.. The evalution will be made first by N.S.F. then by M.E.S.R.I.

French institutions: Become a host institution for GROW France

All French research institutions may participate in the GROW France program.

The commitment to host a N.S.F. candidate corresponds to:

  • The capacity to fund the stay of the PhD candidate in France.
  • To define with the PhD candidate the practical modalities (exact amount, in kind support...) when he/she prepare his/her application.

The French contribution should range between  € 400/month to € 1,700/month. The institution shall send a letter of commitment to be reviewed by M.E.S.R.I.

Timeline 2017-2018

Only the N.S.F. official calendar is binding.

  • 15 December 2017: deadline for submission
  • December 2017-March 2018: evaluation by N.S.F.
  • March 2018: evaluation by M.E.S.R.I.
  • April-May 2018: publication of results
  • June 2018: possible start of stays in France

Host institutions list



More Information


N.S.F. GROW Program website

French Embassy

Text of the call


FAQ for host institutions (in French) - PDF | 325.41 KB | Français


FAQ for PhD candidates - PDF | 335.21 KB | Français